Service Preparation

If we will be moving furniture while cleaning your carpets, please remove all breakables and small items from the areas to be cleaned prior to the appointment time. This includes plants, toys, magazines, etc.

If you have pet(s), you should be aware that at least one door will be ajar while we are working. If you are concerned that your pet(s) may get out, you may want to close them in a room and let us know if you want us to let your pet(s) out before we leave.

We will need to park our mobile cleaning unit as close to the door as possible. Kindly leave us a space and move any vehicles that we may block in, if you will need them while we are there. It is difficult to move our van once we start cleaning.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment , please try to give us as much notice as possible so another job can be scheduled in that time slot.

Our complete list of services are as follows:

Carpet cleaning
Furniture cleaning
Water Damage Restoration
Oriental Area Rug Cleaning
Drapery Cleaning
Leather Cleaning

Pet Oder Removal
Dupont "Teflon" Carpet Protector
Tile and Grout
Pet Stains
Carpet Stretching and Repairs
Truck Mounted Cleaning

Take a closer look at some of the most common cleaning services below

  • A Clean You Can Trust

    You trust Cherokee Carpet Care to clean your carpet. Why not trust us to clean your furniture as well? We understand that your furniture may be one of the biggest investments in your home. With that in mind, you can count on Cherokee Carpet Care expertise to get the job done right. Our trained technicians demonstrate furniture cleaning know-how with the same highly-effective hot-water extraction cleaning method we’ve been using on carpet for years.

    Furniture Cleaning

    It all begins with an on-site analysis of your furniture to determine the appropriate technique—especially for any problem areas. Then we use our specially formulated furniture cleaning agents to powerfully but safely clean your furniture. Our experts ensure that everything is done right—without damaging the fabric. The results speak for themselves: cleaner, longer wear and improved air quality. You’ll be rid of the dirt, dust and other pollutants that collect in the cracks and crevices of your upholstered and leather furniture. And you can take comfort in the fact that better care extends the life of your investment.

  • How To Clean Grout

    Tile and Grout

    Grout used between tile is a mixture of Portland cement, color, and sand.

    If not properly maintained by sealing and cleaning grout will become discolored and full of mold and mildew.

    Dirt and grime will collect porous holes on the grout surface and if it is not sealed, the grout will discolor because there is no protective sealer which covers, fills and permeates the porous surface. If not sealed, even mopping the floor will cause discoloration to the unsealed grout. All the dirt-filled holes will hold on tightly to the dirt and the mop will just move the dirt from one little hole to the other. When mopping, your tile grout (which has a rough surface) basically cleans the dirty mop by allowing the dirt in the mop water to fill in the tiny holes.

    Bottom line, if your grout is not sealed, it will become nasty, dingy and covered in dirt. Mold and mildew that is lurking in your damp shower will turn your grout to a nasty shade, too -- all the way from a delicate pink to mottled brown, speckled or even solid black.

    The best way to clean it is to use liquid extraction to loosen the dirt from the grout and use a wet/dry vacuum to pull the dirt back up and out of the holes. The best way to minimize dirty grout is to lay the tile close together to have very thin and narrow grout lines.

    Seal the grout with a very good (and likely expensive) grout sealer. If you elect not to seal the grout, you will have a very nasty mess in a short amount of time - which will cause you to again go out and search the internet for this page. If you don't protect your grout with a sealer, it will become dirty and very difficult to maintain - period. Also use floor mats in your door ways to help keep the floors clean. And last but not least, it's a good idea to remove your shoes before entering your home.

  • Quality and Experience at Cherokee Carpet Care

    Pet Stains Services

    Our technicians at Cherokee Carpet Care are specially trained to locate all pet stains with high power ultra violet lamps. Infected areas are specially treated and removed during our cleaning process.

    It is not unusual for homeowners who have household pets to have urine stains on their carpet. Pets will urinate on carpet as an act of territorialism, anxiety, or simply out of need. If your dog is not neutered, they will pee on everything and anything - including all furniture, curtains, shoes, and handbags in your house.

    The color of pet urine and its staining potential will often depend on dietary habits and the age of the pet. Foods high in protein tend to produce a darker, more pungent and acidic urine. Foods higher in carbohydrates, such as corn or oats, produces more alkaline urine that is less likely to stain carpet and does not produce as potent an odor. Typically, because cat diets are richer in protein than dog diets, their urine will produce harsher odors and are more likely to cause stains. Another consideration is the age of the pet. The older the pet the more renal function diminishes, thus producing urine that contains more plasma proteins. Because less uric acid is secreted in this urine it is less likely to stain a carpet; however, it will produce an even stronger odor. In almost all cases cat urine is the worst perpetrator for pet stains.

    What Can I Do Myself, Before Calling A Professional?

    Stains that have appeared within a couple of hours can often be cleaned with good success. This can be accomplished by using a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water, followed by blotting with water only. Apply using a spray bottle. After this, absorb the spot with clean colorfast towels until it is as dry as possible. Next, place a one-half inch thick weighted layer of colorfast (white) towels over the spot and let it sit overnight. This final procedure must not be overlooked, since crystallized urine residues left in the carpet are capable of reproducing odors during the warmer more humid months. Older urine stains often require replacement of the carpet and pad in the affected areas and can also necessitate cleaning the sub floor with a disinfectant. Our company has fully trained tech’s that perform this service as well.

    Pet Vomit Stains!

    Like urine, the effectiveness of cleaning vomit is based on expediency. The first step is to scrape up as much of the matter as possible.

    Next, it is important to elevate the pH of the stained area. This should be accomplished by blotting using a solution of one part non-sudsing ammonia to five parts water, followed with blotting with a damp towel until the spot is as dry as possible. Again, it is also recommended that you place a weighted layer of white towels folded one-half inch thick over the spot and allow it to sit overnight to allow residual matter to wick up into the towel.

  • Carpet stretching is a common form of repair that many cleaning companies offer as a part of their service package.

    It is typically employed when flooring is starting to ripple or bunch up in the home. Small ripples are not usually caused by normal wear, but may occur when sliding around heavy furniture or when a floor is subjected to a great deal of foot traffic.

    Carpet Repair and Stretching

    Mistakes during installation or manufacturing may also result in small flaws like these appearing. While slight rippling may not seem like a major cause for concern, it will result in more extensive rippling if it is not dealt with immediately. If not repaired soon enough, the flooring may need to be replaced completely.

    Replacement, though, is almost never required when minor rippling shows up. Carpet stretching can solve the vast majority of these issues at a low expense.

    The only time the flooring may need to be replaced is if it is installed or manufactured poorly. For instance, if the company that sells the carpet matches up the wrong padding and carpet piles together, replacement of the pad and relaying may be required. If rippling is caused by normal wear or minor defects, this form of repair is usually all that’s needed.

    In general, carpet stretching is an easy repair task that most qualified technicians can perform.

    It consists of pulling up the ends of the flooring and stretching it until it is taut. Once it is pulled out, the technician will cut away any excess and put it back in place. Professionals will then secure it so that it resists future relaxation. This process can repair slight rippling or extensive bunching, as long as there are no other major repairs needed.

  • A truckmount carpet cleaner is a carpet and upholstery cleaning unit that is generally mounted to the floor of a van or trailer. Its cleaning method is hot water extraction.

    Truck Mounted Cleaning Services

    Even the toughest stains will not stand a chance with our truck mounted carpet cleaning system. Here at Cherokee Carpet Care our truck mounted cleaning system uses the newest technology and we will always take the time to do it right.