Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I walk on my carpets right after it's been cleaned?

Yes, but be careful not to slip as you walk from damp carpeting onto non-carpeted areas. Also, be sure to wear clean shoes on your newly cleaned carpet. We recommend white socks, house slippers or shoe covers.

Q. How often should I vacuum?

Frequently. At least once or twice per week. You can never vacuum too much Vacuuming prevents surface dirt & sand from being ground into the carpet fibers. This is a common major cause of carpet traffic area wear.

Q. Why do you recommend Mats?

Almost 80% of the soil brought into your home is tracked in on the soles of your shoes. Place mats at all entrance areas to help keep your carpets clean.

Q.How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

That would depend on the number of adults, children and of course PETS, that live in your home. Every 3 to 12 months is the average. We recommend cleaning your Traffic Areas every six months.

Q. Are the advertisements for

It depends on the firm. Certainly, you'll get a very cursory cleaning at that price. The companies can't make money at those prices, so they're counting on their ability to sell you on enough extras to make the job profitable.

Q.I recently had my carpets cleaned by someone who offered a bargain three-room rate. When he was finished, the bill was surprisingly large. He said there's a substantial extra charge for steps. Is that standard?

Stairs are more labor intensive, and most firms charge for them separately on a per-step basis. Prices vary enormously on this item, with the so-called bargain firms often charging the highest rates. This helps them compensate for the low-ball prices in their ads. Buyer beware! Stick with reputable firms and check all prices up front.

Remeber to Eliminate Stains Immediately

A very important factor in good carpet care is to clean up stains as quickly as possible. The longer a stain sits there, the harder it is to remove. Make sure you use the right cleaning materials or you may make the situation worse. Check our "Spills & Stains" page for safe household cleaners and directions on how to properly remove stains in your carpet.

Remember to Rotate furniture

Premature wear takes place when traffic paths are unchanged.